-Wash and hull Strawberries and put them into a Ziploc bag and freeze (it is important to wash berries, before hulling them).  They can be used for deserts like Strawberry Gelato, Strawberry Fruitopia or for a breakfast shake. When you are ready to use the frozen berries,  thaw the berries and puree them in a food processor for a few minutes. ( Pureed Strawberries taste and look like fresh)

-Another way to freeze Strawberries is to wash and hull the berries and then lay them on a baking sheet (single layer). When the Strawberries have been fully frozen, remove the Strawberries from the baking sheet and put into Ziploc bags soon without letting them melt again. This way you are able to take out single berries whenever you need them. Small single frozen Strawberries are nice to use in Chocolate Fondue.

Note: Single frozen Strawberries will have same consistency when thawed than “Ziploc frozen Strawberries”, except that they can be separated if frozen single on baking sheet.